Personal dashboards in D365

What are your favorite ways to empower yourself?

What are your favorite tips and tricks to achieve more at work? What if your app’s home page was informative and action-oriented?

In this post, I share a somewhat hidden gem of D365 and my favorite personalization feature. This is not a “yet another” blog post on dashboards.

Not only can you select from a few dozen workspaces provided by Microsoft out of the box, but you can create your own to get things done your way! Notice the personal dashboard in the bottom right?

Personal dashboards in D365 home page

Let’s zoom in.

Better with Dynamics workspace tile with pins

Notice something strange? Something cool maybe?

List of vendors missing payment terms

Imagine yourself as an Accounts Payable Manager.

Is that data I’m actually interested in? I can select it and quickly drill down to what I need to do my job?

How could it be? (Random music trivia: How Could It Be is the title of Eddie Murphy’s 1985 musical album debut. Don’t sleep on Eddie Murphy.)

Vendors updated with payment terms

Getting back on track: from the app’s home page, I quickly see there are two vendors missing payment terms, which means the vendors were not set up correctly, and then I simply click to drill down directly and edit the records to resolve the issue.

As the Accounts Payable Manager, I can also keep track of vendors recently created to ensure they are successfully onboarded, minimizing risks and issues and providing the best experience to both vendors and business partners (my external and internal customers).

Updated tile reflecting updated data

I love that this feature lets me see data from the moment I open the app and makes it easy for me to take action from there.

How to create your own workspace

So how quickly can you do this? In minutes. No waiting on IT.

  • From the home page, right-click one of the existing workspace tiles
Personalize workspace tile
  • Select +Add a workspace, and a new “My workspace 1” workspace tile will appear
  • You can rename as you like by right-clicking on the new tile to open the Personalize options again
  • Note: if the workspace tile does not readily appear, you can refresh the home page
  • Now that we have our personal workspace defined, let’s see how we can add things we care about to the workspace
List of all vendors filtered by created date and time
  • For example, if I want to keep a list or report of vendors created in the last 30 days, I can achieve this by filtering the All vendors form by the Created date and time field

Not familiar with how the dynamic date filter works in my example using DayRange? Bookmark this fantastic Microsoft Docs article on advanced filters and queries.

Add to workspace
  • Select Options in the ribbon, and then select Add to workspace in the Personalize group
  • Select your personal workspace that was created earlier and Tile presentation
  • Select Configure
Add as tile options
  • Update the tile name, set Show count in the tile to Yes, and select OK
  • Next, open your workspace
Better with Dynamics workspace
  • Note: while we’re focusing on tiles for this post, you can also add lists and more to your workspace
Pinning a tile to dashboard
  • Right-click a tile and select Pin to dashboard in the Personalize options

That’s all it takes. So, how will you use it to do more?

How are you making your people, process, and product better with Dynamics?

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